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Frequently Asked Questions, for short FAQ A small amount of common questions and a brief answers about certain topics in the game.


What is the resource limit?

In other game it is common to have limits on the amount of resources you can have in the game. In Wargame1942 this is not the case.

Part of my resources are gone when I canceled and order (building, research, etc.) where is the rest?

For each percentage step in a order that resources were already being used for the order to be completed and then you cancel the order prematurely, the resources already consumed will be deducted. You will only receive the remaining unused portion of the order.

I am getting an error message "Session has expired!" - What should I do?

Session expired

You must allow the cookies in the browser. In IE under Extras-Internet-options-Privacy set the slider right in the middle to medium. Under Firefox Extras--Setting Privacy-Cookies simply just check the box "Accept Cookies ". It can also be the setting in the firewall or the need for java script needs to be installed.

How do I control money problems in the game when I am in the red and the bank at a minus?

There are a couple of possibilities: - You can try (if possible) to sell your units in the Trade - You can put the units to fight a stronger opponent and hope that he can destroy enough of the Units, so that you are back into the positive territory. You can also construct Buildings to increase your tick. - You can leave your Alliance and wait for someone to attack you. It will not be long for this to happen once other players know you have lost your alliance.

Research does not cost you anything to maintain and cannot be undone. It is only the attack force that runs a cost in the game, the (soldiers, tanks, planes etc.) will always affect your tick. Spy units and defense will not cost you anything.

Is gasoline/diesel/ammunition used by the defensive units?

No, only the units used for the Attack will cost you resources.

How long can good stay in the trade and do trades that are there longer have a better chance of being purchased?

A offer will last only 48hrs in the trade, if its not purchased it will be refunded back to the player. The time that the offer is in the trade has no relation to the chances of the offer being purchased.

How can I convert oil into diesel or gasoline?

Click on the Oil Rig building and then on the right on resources. This will open a window in the middle and there you can move the slider over to the amount you want to convert or manually enter the amount. On the right side is a drop down menu where you can select what you want the oil to be converted too. Below are the costs and the exchange rate for the resources.

When can I produce other defense capabilities besides barbwire?

To the right under Game Help you will find the Techtree, there you will see the Buildings and the Research you will require.

How does Teamspeak work?

You can find the instructions for Teamspeak under http://www.teamspeak-einstieg.de/ or http://www.teamspeak.com/

What can I do with gold? Can I exchange it for money?

Gold is used later on for your Espionage Units for e.g the Agents will be paid with the gold. In the game gold is a very scarce commodity and you should be careful how you spend it.

It cannot be exchanged for Money.

Do the defense capabilities give you points?

No, for the Defense Capabilities there are no points or for the research that is required!

For the units or for winning a battle/attack give you points?

Units do not give you points. If the units you send to Attack win, you will receive Multi-Family Houses, Gold Mine, Residential Buildings, Factorys, Oil Rig and the Ammunition Facility. This will then bring you points.

What does "The proposed fight is a dishonorable act and not worthy of you!"?

This means the intended target has not enough points or too much points. You must have 67%, and not more than 150% of the points that your opponent possesses. In the rankings (high-score list you can see the player that can be attacked in white and the players that cannot in gray.

In a attack can you lose all of your buildings?

No, there will always remain one of every Buildings after the battle.

Can Resources be sent direct to another player?

No, the Resources can only be sold in the Trade.

What do I need Diamonds for?

With the Diamonds you get a lot of premium features along with it. For example the General-status, construction of Buildings, Research and Units shortened and much more. Also look here under ==Diamonds.

I have the general-status and did not receive the sms-alert about an attack.

You must check the mobile-number in the setting and make sure it is entered correctly. This includes the correct country code. See also SMS Alerts.

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