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Alliance Button
Alliance Overview

A player will have more fun if he plays with more people than playing by himself, you can search for an alliance or start one of you own. For a beginner an alliance give you support and you will have people that you can ask questions too about the game. You can find an alliance either in the alliance-room in the chat or in the forum.


Found an Alliance

To start or found an alliance, Click on the "Alliance" button on the top of the main menu and then on the button "Found". There you must enter a name and a tag and also a password that you will use for recruitment. Enter all the information required then click on the "Found" button and now you have your own alliance. To be able to find members, you should enter a description of the alliance and an alliance-picture. This will give the alliance an identity.

Joining an Alliance

To join an alliance, you will need the password for the alliance. You can search for an alliance from the list or by entering the name of the alliance. Once you are ready to "Commitment" click on the "Join" button then enter the password and now you are a member of an alliance.

The Minister

There are various minister positions in an alliance. For each position there are 2 members the full time one and the deputy and they both have the same rights.

Administrator You can view and control all areas of the alliance.

Diplomat You can offer or accept N.A.P or alliances with other organizations. You can also declare war on another alliance.

Minister of Defense He can see the fleets of all the alliance members and offer important tips. This post should be given to someone that really can be trusted.

Minister of Finance The Finance Minister will determine how high the alliance-tax should be set too. He can also transfer Resources to other players or alliance. This position is also important to have someone that you can trust.

Minister of Information This positions responsibilities are the alliance-description and the alliance-picture. He will also take care of the internal alliance-news. in order for the alliance to receive all the important information right away, this position should be given to a very active player.

War and Peace

As described before there is an opportunity to declare war on other alliances. For the attack it makes no difference whether you are with the alliance in a war or not. However these battles will not be counted in the statistics of war. This can be found under the alliance menu "Wars". For example the amount of won battles the alliance has and how much defense was destroyed. This statistics are often very helpful to see who won the war. Often the alliances will set certain rules for war. For example, it is common that when an alliance is at war they will only the same alliance. It is also frowned upon when attacking players whose alliance is in a war already. These are internal rules among the players. Violators can sometimes be punished very hard.

Allies and alliances that have a Non-Aggression Pact with your alliance should not be attacked of course. Especially with a alliance partners in a event of a war. The allies often can be used to help each other, For example through the transfer of money or by entering the war to help you win.

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